At the end of our season, the Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath Series will recognize the top 3 overall competitors in each age class of each category, with the exception of Marathon where top 5 men are recognized in each age class. 

Here's how it works. In 2019, there are 6 races in which XC and Marathon mountain bike racers can earn series points. Five races for runners (State Games is MTB only). To be considered for series overall podiums, mtb racers must earn points in at least 4 of 6 events and runners 3 of 5 events; total series points will be calculated by best 5 of 6 events for mtb and 4 of 5 for runners.

Finishing Place Points all categories:

Upgrades and Transfers between Classes: Mountain bike racers who upgrade during the series may take 50% of their accumulated points.

Tiebreaks: Ties in the top-three standings in each class and category will be resolved by comparing points awarded in reverse chronological order.