All USAC rules apply.

Events are subject to weather! In case of inclement weather, updates will be made to our home page and on facebook.

Helmets must be worn at all times while on a bike at all Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath MTB events. Even in the parking lot, by your car, after your race, everywhere! Your brain is worth it and accidents happen too often in the dumbest places.

Runners, you must have shoes on at all times while on your feet. If you really prefer barefoot running, then you may use "barefoot running shoes".

No earbuds or headphones may be worn during any event for the safety of other participants. No loud radios on your person. Listen for other riders, be aware of your surroundings, enjoy nature.

You are expected to be self supported! During the race: You may access a personal cache of water and tools (pump, tube, etc) place only in the designated "feed zone", but you may not receive assistance from others, nor access materials & equipment outside the feed zone area. Feed zones will be determined by officials.

Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any competitor accessing abnormal outside assistance, at promoters judgement and discretion. Prepare and support yourself!

Promoter reserves the right to adjust start times and mileage.

Promoter reserves the right to cancel / combine events and prize lists as necessary.

All Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath mountain bike events and running events are insured by USACycling.

Events held in Nebraska State Parks require a park permit. Day passes and annuals passes are available at those locations or the Parks office in your area.

Helmets and shirts are required to participate in the events.

If someone is approaching you from behind on the trail, and they ask to pass you, let them as soon as you are able. Thanks for being courteous!

If you need to pass someone: announce your presence as soon as possible, repeatedly if necessary to make the racer in front aware of your presence. Overtake the racer only when it is safe for both of you! Communicate!

Please practice Leave No Trace and do not drop your trash onto the trail.

DNFs (did not finish) must be to reported to the timing & scoring staff. No refunds.

Chips need to be returned immediately after you cross the finish line. Failure to return chips results in a $100 charge to your credit card.

Cursing or poor conduct is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action. This is a family-friendly atmosphere.

Cutting a course is dumb. This is for fun. Don't cut the course or you'll be disqualified on the spot, in front of everyone. Stay on single track!