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Swanson Shoot Out

April 13, 2019

Swanson Shoot Out

Race Date: Apr 13, 2019 Race Location: Swanson Park, Bellevue, NE Race Host: Harvest Racing / Trek Stores of Omaha Contact: Ryan Feagan 402-415-9071 or ryan.feagan@gmail.com

Welcome to the Swanson Shootout, hosted by Harvest Racing and Trek Stores of Omaha.

The Swanson Shootout is a classic venue, loved by many racers for it's ever-twisty trail, roots and log features. Food will be grilled on site by our friends from Edge Physical Therapy! Let's get this party started!

Online Registration

Click that big red button to the right.

**SPECIAL NOTE** Due to usually heavy sign ups at the last minute, we strongly advise not registering using your phone after 6:45pm the night before. You've been warned. :)

YOUTH 18 & UNDER & Kiddie: All racers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the race waiver on site. There is no online registration for the kiddie races. Please fill out waiver at the registration table.

Day of Registration

Day of registration can only be done at the race venue and will add $10 on top of your entry fee. Cut off time for same day registration is 30 minutes prior to your event. 

Race Day Schedule

8:00am Trail Run Race

9:00am Mountain Bike Races All Juniors

9:30am Trail Run Awards Presentation

10:00am Mountain Bike Races Marathon & Cat 3

10:15am Junior Awards Presentation

11:30am Awards Presentation All Cat 3

12:00pm Mountain Bike Races Cat 1

12:05pm Mountain Bike Races Cat 2

2:30pm Kiddie Races – Parents need to sign kids up at the registration tent. Awards immediately following

2:45pm Awards Presentation Cat 1/2/Marathon

Race Distances - 1 lap = 4 miles

  1. Trail Run – 1 lap
  2. Marathon – 4 hours
  3. Cat 3 – 1 Lap
  4. Cat 2 – 3 Laps
  5. Cat 1 – 5 Laps
  6. Kids – Course TBD at venue

The Course:

Swanson Park is a fast, flowing course of mostly single track with some really nice technical sections including log crossings, g-outs and bowls. It loops tightly within a relatively small area, so you’re never far from the start. Race loop is approximately 4 miles for all levels.

The Venue:

Swanson Park has a nice playground for the kiddies and lots of open field for them or your dog to run. There is a porta-potty on location and a large shaded shelter with tables. This is a great place to walk dog or hike the trails and watch the racers battle it out up close.


From Omaha; take Hwy 75 south from I-80 to the Cornhusker Rd. exit. Go west on Cornhusker to approximately 32nd St. Look for a brick sign with scrolling red letters for the Fire Department Training Center. Turn north and the park entrance is about 50 yards down the road on the left. You can park in the lot and on the entrance road up to the gate. If gate is open, we can park on the road.

Race Map